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Lots of historical beluga info!

Wow, so I've spent the day digging around for lots of information!
-Newfy was the father of Casey (I don't know if he fathered Hudson or not) as can be found in Kathy's obituary in 2004. That's all I can find on him, unfortunately.
-Hudson was born August 7, 1991 and died March 3, 1994.
-Blanchon was caught in the St. Lawrence in 1963 and was alive at least until 1987.
-Alex, who arrived at New York on August 28, 1961 with two females, Bertha and...I can't remember, was transfered to Mystic on May 6, 1975 and died there on June 2, 1984. Apparently in November 1970 he was moved to another tank in New York to encourage Blanchon to breed with the females. Did they have two separate displays going for a few years or something?
-Francis and Ethel arrived in September, 1967. Both were alive as of November, 1970. Francis died I *think* in 1974 after the stillbirth of her second calf, the first of which died right after birth in 1972.
-Amy Lou and another female were caught on July 25, 1976. Amy Lou went to New York (she lived through 1981 at least) and the other female to Mystic, where she died in May 1983 (I don't know her name).
Belinda's calf was born May 7, 1984, and she was approx 15 years old at the time. She herself was caught in 1973 and arrived at SWC on October 26 of that year along with another individual (they came via Seattle along with Sandy and apparently another killer whale who I can only guess to be Frankie).

-In August of 1968 Sea World got two belugas named Tubby and Snow White (how ridiculous :P) but I have no idea what became of them.
-In September 1972 they sent a newly captured 2 year old named Too Too to (hehe) the Ohio park, but he died during transfer to California a few days later. He and two other whales had been attacked in a holding pool and he was the only one to survive. A local family kept him in their swimming pool until he could be transfered.
-Apparently a beluga went to SWO in 1980, along with one orca.
-Two orcas and two belugas went to SWO in 1984.
-SWT opened with two belugas in 1988, although I think about four wound up there from a capture later that year.
-SWF had two as of novemember 1989.

September of 1993 was a busy birthing month at SWT.
-Martha had a male calf on the 17th, he died two months later on November 14
-Spooky had a stillbirth a day later on the 18th
-Martina gave birth to Turner on September 20th
-Kia gave birth to a male calf on September 25th who later died on February 16, 1995.

Marineland of the Pacific got two belugas in September of 1967, which I didn't know. I doubt they lived long, I had no idea they ever held them.

Illimar and Anore, both females, were caught in August 1985 and housed at the New York Aquarium until December 26, 1985. On November 18, 1987 something happened to their tank and they had to be moved back to the New York Aquarium. They returned the following June with Kia, who had been caught in July 1987 with Marina and Sikku and had been held in New York with them. Illimar died on August 10, 1989. Sometime in 1990 Sikku was transfer to Baltimore from New York in preparation for the Marine Mammal Pavilion opening. Anore died in December 1991 as we all know, and Kia and Sikku were transfered to SWT in February of 1992.

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